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December 24, 2021

Lily’s Toy Box had a beautiful request this holiday season. The Pasek Family reached out to us requesting to donate 2 bikes in honor of their loved and very missed son & brother. We felt it was best for them to share their story. Thank you, Pasek family.

In 1999 Andrew Pasek and his sister combined forces to win a school fundraiser, with the grand prize being a bike. A bike that was decided, as a family, to be donated to a child as a very special Christmas gift.

Little did the siblings know that the fundraiser bike arrived in pieces to assemble, but was found to be in very poor quality with missing parts. So with some quick thinking on their parent’s part a new bike was purchased and donated to a little boy that Christmas. This was one of many generous things Andrew went on to do in his life. He was an Eagle Scott, loving son, brother and friend.

In 2017, in the after math of Hurricane Harvey, Andrew tragically died at the age of 25 while walking in high water trying to get to his sister’s flooded house.

The Pasek family has since started a charitable trust in his honor and continues to keep his spirit alive the way we know he would have wanted us to. In honor of that special Christmas memory from 1999 we wanted to gift bikes to a wonderful family who most certainly deserves a special Christmas.

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