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Hello, we are Lily's ToyBox!

Lily standing in front of a truckload of Christmas toys for children in need

Devoted to providing new toys, books, and other gifts to children going through difficult times since 2017.

A note from Lily,

During Hurricane Harvey, my mom and I were in the closet when it was thundering and lightning outside. It was my first hurricane and I was very scared. My mom was streaming the news on her iPad and I found it so sad that hundreds of kids had to evacuate from their homes and lose their toys. I knew I couldn't donate furniture but I wanted to help. Then I had an idea, I would give away my toys! The first toy I chose to give away was a Lego set and that’s how it all began.

I donated my first gift of toys to kids in my neighborhood. Then I decided to find more help and asked my Nana, “I am going to donate toys to kids that lost their toys from Hurricane Harvey. Can you please donate?” I asked my mom to post something on Facebook too. All of a sudden our entire dining room blew up with toys! My mom and dad came into my room one night and said “You’re going to be on tv!” and I started crying.

The next day the news station came and I talked about what I was doing and why I did it. I was able to collect and give 5,000 toys away to 200 kids! Once all of the toys were given away I didn’t want to stop. With the help of my parents and some friends, I created Lily’s Toy Box.


Hey kids out there, sometimes you can do anything you want. So, encourage one another!


Lily DuBose

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