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February 6, 2023

Lately we’ve given away so many @mattressfirm mattresses that we feel like @oprah “You get a mattress and you get a mattress.”❤️ In all seriousness, here are a few of the reasons we do this: •A soldier just came home from Camp Hope and was sleeping on the floor. •A mom left an abusive situation with her kids and has to start over with everything in her new apartment. •A dad is fighting cancer. •An 18-year-old boy has never had his own bed. •Many adults have slept on the floor for years. •A nice restaurant in Houston has staff that sleeps on the floor. Thank you to all who purchased comforters and sheets. They were great additions to the mattresses. #lilystoybox #lilydubose #kidfounder #comfortforkids #houstonnonprofit #comfortafterastorm #mattressfirm #mattress

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