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Lillie Mae - October 28, 2023

This morning, we received the heart-wrenching news that our dear friend's beloved dog has crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving us with heavy hearts. However, amid the sorrow, we'd like to share a cherished memory: During Lily's school days at @graceschoolhouston we followed the same route each morning. On this route, there was a delightful "Beagle" that brightened our daily journey with its walks. Lily, being the compassionate soul she is, decided that we needed to bring a surprise to this endearing canine friend. Lily's gesture of kindness prompted an email response from this sweet pup, which we'd like to share with you. Dear Lily, This is your special friend, "Mr. Beagle". But I have to tell you something -- I'm really a Basset Hound (haha). Some people confuse us with Beagles. I don't get mad about it and I am still very happy about your Beagle book. Also--guess what? My name is Lilly Mae!!!!!! We have the same name!!!!! I actually live on Olympia Drive but we walk with my friend, Lucy Dog, and her Mama every day but Sunday. Then we have treats at their house because Lucy Dog is old and can't walk far so you probably see us going home after that. I just turned 9 on Tuesday so your gift was also a surprise birthday gift for me in addition to a Christmas gift. Double good! I have to tell you my droopy eyes shed a tear at your generosity and kindness. Mama went to your Foundation web page and made a donation so you can continue your wonderful work. You made us and our friends happy--you gave us a little mystery and excitement. We are truly in awe of what you have accomplished in your life so far. Don't lose that spirit. Look how you affected us today--thank you so very, very much. God Bless you, Your Friend, Lilly Mae Mishler

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