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About Us

Wanting to help her community after Hurricane Harvey, Lily DuBose started collecting toy donations to give to kids whose belongings were lost in the storm. Since then, over 75,000 new toys have been given to kids going through difficult situations. To hear some of the stories from families impacted by Lily’s Toy Box, check out our testimonials


Spreading Smiles!



"So Grateful"

"My children received gifts from Lily’s Toy Box after their entire playroom flooded from Hurricane Harvey. We are grateful that they were able to get a sense of fun and normalcy back to their lives so quickly through these gifts while we worked on rebuilding our homes and lives."

Jill Nesting

"A Shining Light"

"You were a shining light for so many people during a very difficult time. You are a role model of kindness and generosity. You are such a special person and we are grateful for your joyful spirit. The toys you shared with us are so appreciated, but the gift you and your gave us by your example with last a lifetime!"

Sarah & Delaney Boucher

"Saving Christmas"

"After Harvey, Lily came to our aid at just the right time. Christmas was a very difficult time for our family financially and with the help of Lily’s Toy Box we were able to gift our seven year old daughter with an American Girl Pastry Cart and some stocking stuffers. Christmas was a success thanks to Lily and her generosity."

Andrea Spence

Support our cause and provide comfort to children.

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